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Art, Carvings and Jewelry

Inns North

The Naujat Hotel

The Naujat Hotel

in Repulse Bay

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Art, Carvings and Jewelry

Repulse Bay is known for small realistic sculptures in:

  • ivory
  • stone
  • antler

Animals or genre scenes, with a folk art flavour, are common subjects. The Inuit carvers of Repulse Bay also depict mythological subjects in their art.

The artists of the Repulse Bay area have created a workshop of artists and craftsmen specializing in carving Inuit art on the Arctic Circle. The workshop is called the Aivilik Arts Society . Art created at the workshop is sold year round from the community work space. Locally produced art includes:

  • soapstone
  • marble carvings
  • jewelry

Click here to contact the Aivilik Arts Society.

Transformation by Marius Kridluar
Transformation by Marius Kridluar

Walrus by Lazarusi Malikk
Walrus by Lazarusi Malikk

Display at the Naujat Hotel

The art display at the Naujat Hotel


Repulse Bay Inuit Art

An excellent variety of Repulse Bay art is displayed at the Naujat Hotel. The dining room features a glass display case which houses jewelry, carvings, and crafts from artisans in the community.

If you are looking for traditional Inuit garments you can also contact the Nuksutet Sewing Group. They will custom tailor:

  • kamiit (boots)
  • mitts
  • amautit (women's parkas)

and other clothing.

Contact the Naujat Hotel to place an order.


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